I love flowers!  I have always loved flowers.  For as long as I can remember I have been drawing, photographing, growing, picking, eating, smelling, arranging, pressing, drying and giving flowers.  When I was a little kid I spent a lot of time with my grandparents.  They had a greenhouse and a spectacular home patio garden.  My grandmother had a cabinet for her flower arranging equipment – clippers, wire, vases and flower frogs (frogs are things that anchor flower stems in the bottom of a vase to keep them stable).  Grandfather grew rhododendrons, azaleas, tuberous begonias and gardenias in pots in the green house.  It was an oasis of live plants, blossoms and fragrance, even in the winter.  Throughout my life I have grown a flower garden in every place I have lived.  Even when I only had a tiny 5’ x 5’ patch of ground outside my door, I grew lavender, cosmos, and herbs.  I love having beautiful blooming things in and around my house.  

After many years of operating a garden maintenance and consulting business,  I have decided to expand into growing and selling local, fresh and seasonal cut flowers.  Creating a local urban flower farm and sharing blooms and bouquets is a dream job for me!

 For several decades people have been supporting local agriculture and urban farmers by buying fresh food at the farmer’s markets and through CSA shares (community supported agriculture).  Now there is a movement in Utah and across the country to support locally and regionally grown flowers.  Flower growers are sprouting up everywhere and providing amazing fresh blooms for their communities and surrounding areas.  Regionally and seasonally sourced, local flowers provide a sense of time and place that reflects a more meaningful aesthetic – rooted, grown and harvested right there in the area where they are known and loved.

I’m really excited about sharing both my love of flowers and my commitment to supporting local farms and businesses.  When I’m not growing, selling and writing about flowers, I can usually be found somewhere in the mountains, hiking or skiing with my friends and family.  Or I might be up to my elbows in a cooking or canning project! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Utah Flower & Foliage site!  I hope you will visit often and enjoy the updates, photos, and information provided here.